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19.04.2014 | 3.183 | Auteur : Domisse

Quite a long time without news. W3Perl's developements have been frozen for the last 6 months. It's time to work back ... but I don't want to spend all my spare time on this project anymore. I will fix bugs if you send me reports, some improvements will be added if not too big. For my daily use, W3Perl is fine now.

The dev package comes with a fix for IIS server as you need to specify the full pathname when you want to include files (it also fix the problem with crontab). Also icon for homepage was broken in javascript menu.

What's new :
- Install.pl checks if new package available and install it.
- Check apache server is running on MacOS
- Fix on logfilename detection
- Requests graphs added
- sftp and rsync support

What's next :
- Add JQVMap maps

Update : Too much cleaning have been done for Windows packages. Links were wrong on output, I was still using old config files for testing :(
As an extra, installer display nicer icons for exe files.

30.09.2013 | 3.182 | Auteur : Domisse

Crash when finding timestamp in the future. Fixed.
SSH reports have been improved.
Graphs showing the number of status code versus days have been added. So you can detect more easily attacks.
Robots activity shows graph versus days.

robots statuscode404

21.09.2013 | 3.181 | Auteur : Domisse
Only three bugs have been found in 3.18 !

The first one is about logifle rotation with postfix. I forget to use my new extract_date_syslog function to extract postfix date.
The next one is about computing hourly stats over the whole logfiles with daily uncompressed logfiles. (cron-hour.pl -b). It's really a minor bug ;)
The last one was skipping agent field on W3C logfile format when parsing one logfile

Support for sshd logfiles have been added.