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Release 3.02
13.02.2008 | 3.02 | Auteur : Domisse

New release ! 3.02 is out !
Another step have been done to the perfect tool ;)
W3Perl can run as a web analytic tool, no need to get log files from your server. Using a javascript tag to be inserted in your pages, your own logfiles can be generated. Then W3Perl is able to retrieve them remotely to be able to compute your stats locally (avoiding the use of your server CPU).
Use javascript tag only if you have no access to your logfiles server as stats are being rather poor this way. You can't monitor traffic as only web pages can be tagged.
But if you have logfiles access, you can add another javacsript tag to monitor screen size, color depth and plugin. (see /w3perl/resources/js/miscstats.js)

Few minor bugs have been fixed, the most important being :
- Proftp logfile rotation begin with number 0 (apache starts at 1), so I've changed the scripts to begin with 0 instead of 1.

A Windows installer for Abyss Web Server have been added with a dedicated configuration file : config-abyss.pl

I've planned to add heatmap in 3.03, looks a nice tool to add.

04.02.2008 | 3.016 | Auteur : Domisse

Document stats show inactive files (unix only), so it will be easier for you to remove all those files with very old 'last access'. Largest files are listed in order to save your bandwidth usage.

Some bugs have been fixed about IIS/W3C in the administration interface. Status code display files even if requete size is null.

30.01.2008 | 3.015 | Auteur : Domisse

Developements have been frozen. It includes some fixes about real time stats refresh and pathname with spaces (windows like filename with space !). Only debug will be added before the 3.02 release.

24.01.2008 | 3.014 | Auteur : Domisse

Document stats have been improved. If your website have several users, each one can view its number of file, the size taken and the list of files which need some fixes. List of biggest files have been added also.

Homepage have been updated so it display now fine with IE6. Popup have now the right location on IE when you scroll, to get this value, use :
scrollTop = window.pageYOffset || document.documentElement.scrollTop || 0;

User account
21.01.2008 | User account | Auteur : Domisse

The javascript tag implementation has been improved. The logfile format used is now the NECLF (with virtual host) so now you can use javascript tag with several websites. When running the stats, choose from which website you want to extracts data.
I'll provide two different package if you want to use tag javascript. One will be on the server side, the other will be on the local side. The server package contains just a php, a javascript script and a directory where the javascript will write the logfiles. The client package contains the whole w3perl package with a default configuration to retrieve and use your server's logfiles.

Requetesize for the files being monitored is now supported. Of course, trafic is ONLY about pages with the javascript tag inserted. To get something more accurate, best would be to extarct links in webpage and add reqeuetesize for each files requested ... but I'm afraid it will take too long to compute. I understand now why PhpMyVisits doesn't have trafic size !

Number of files / size and bad links are now available for each users in the document stats. So now, each user can fix his wrong links !!!

If you are using an IIS server, don't forget you can add new fields in your logfile format using the IIS administration. Default is missing some very useful data as referer, browser/OS and trafic size. Best would be to switch to the W3C format.

15.01.2008 | 3.013 | Auteur : Domisse

You do not need to have logfiles access to run W3Perl now. Like Google Analytics or PhpMyVisits, you can add a small piece of javascript inside the pages you want to monitor and the package will build a logfile.
Then you can run W3Perl the usual way using the provided config-tag.pl configuration file.

Status code
09.01.2008 | Status code | Auteur : Domisse

Details about error status code are now available from code 400 to 600 (user's request). Script status when completed are now show on web interface.

02.01.2008 | 3.012 | Auteur : Domisse

A new year is beginning ... and a new developement release.

I've made few changes when running the stats from the web admin interface. Now, it display only the name of the script running, if you want to get more details, just put your mouse over the name of the script.
Few little bugs have been fixed from 3.011. Yearly stats will also send an email, monthly's email report will show graphs and weekly stats will bypass weeks already computed.
Yearly stats are now enabled (default).
Squid/FTP/Email online demo have been updated with 3.012.

27.12.2007 | Xmas | Auteur : Domisse

Stupid bug fixed when using bzip2 logfiles. I forget to add the '-dc' flag to tell bzip2 to uncompress files to stdout !
I've added a summary page in the administration interface to summarize what should be done before lauching the whole stats.

Page's title can be retrieved from static pages or spip database, no way to get the title from a dynamic page (mod_rewrite or javascript). If anyone have an idea....

22.12.2007 | 3.011 | Auteur : Domisse

I'm a bit late to upload 3.011, it took me some time to understand how Bramus's progress bar was working. In the meantime, he release an improved version v0.2.1 which is now used by W3Perl.

The W3Perl's URL from the website is now extracted carefully, some users were not able to get the AJAX search function.

I've fixed also some bugs, some of them were crashing the scripts :(

Progress bar
16.12.2007 | Progress bar | Auteur : Domisse

To fix the timeout problem, I've added a nice progress bar script from Bramus. It avoid timeout from the web server by displaying the current computing percentage. I had to change few little things in order to use his script with a page being generated from a cgi.

Progress bar

Ubuntu install
10.12.2007 | Ubuntu install | Auteur : Domisse

I had a hard disk crash at work so there was an opportunity to test the Ubuntu package on a new 7.10. I've been pleased to see installation was fine except two little problems. The first one being cgi files were root owner instead of apache. Then I've built a configuration file from the web admin but sadly the file location was not saved due to a wrong file permission. Once the file permission have been fixed (and warning include in the script), I was able to compute the stats from the web admin. So improving the Ubuntu package would be to set apache owner for the cgi scripts and set directories/files with right permission. Nevertheless, it should be a drawback from using alien to make the packaging.

Few minor fixes :
- User configuration file location was not saved if the file is not writeable by the web server.
- RSS incremental file was buggy
- Saving incremental host py page stats add empty fields.
- Timeout when running stats from the web interface with big logfile and reverse dns off.
- Choosing an exim logfile in the web admin select a postfix logfile !
- Ubuntu/RPM package provide a wrong upgrade.txt file (should remove the tmpbuild path used to create rpm package).

More todo :
- Provider list
- Saving running status / Improving running from the web (WS in preparation)
- Clean rpm installation (remove scripts from base).
- On Ubuntu installation, cgi scripts are not owned by user apache

No feedback
28.11.2007 | No feedback | Auteur : Domisse

I'm a bit disapointed by the lack of feedback from 3.01. More than one hundred downloads in a few days ... and no feedback at all. Does it means everything is working fine, no more bugs ? ... or the opposite, the package is so buggy nobody uses it ? Well, will make a break so.

I've upgraded my Mandriva to 2008.0. Was not as easy as I expected ! The rpm database was corrupted and no way to repair ! Finally, I had to switch back to the old kernel to repair the rpm database and it works. Also some others strange things as emacs not being installed by default (was in the contrib !) and was displaying a splash screen even if you ask it to open for a file !

I've already found some minor problems with the 3.01 release :

- Homepage date could be wrong if error stats is ran last.
- Added W3CRobot in the robot list and banned it from my webserveer as it has a stupid behavior.
- Scripts stats percentage was wrong when script parameters.are W3C compliant (& instead of &) and same parameters are sent many times (stupid behaviour).
- Loading previously saved RSS data was wrong.
- Users search with emails doesn't seems to work.