Web information stats 

Document stats are not really related to web stats activities but they are useful to rectify bad links or detect heavy pages. It's main purpose is to map filename with their title (found within the title html tag).

star Summary

First, a short summary is available about basic informations about your web server. It includes the number of HTML pages and images found, the web size, number of directories found ...

url1 url2 url3

star Links stats

This is the number of links on your website. The histogram show how often pages contains links. Both external and internal links are counted. If your website is heavily linked, graphs will growth to the right side.
Black bar is the average. The list of files with the highest number of links is displayed, too many links is not recommended.

url4 url5
Link histogram Page with the highest number of links

star Images stats

How many images per page do people should load ? The number of images per page is displayed on the histogram. Too many images means a long wait (even if you are using small images, each image need to be called to server). Heavily imaging website show a growth on the right side of the graph.

url6 url7
Image histogram Page with the highest image links

star HTML page weight stats

One of the most useful stats is the HTML pages weight. Not only the weight of the HTML file is count but also all files needed to be downloaded. So if your page contains four images, these images are also added in the count. Of course, the aim is to get a graph with everything at the left side. Think about people with low internet accesses. Try to decrease the weight of these pages if you want users faster download.

url8 url9
Weigth page histogram Page the weightest

star Directories stats

Maybe you could be interested to know more about your website structure. How files are dispatched in your web ? Where are located heavy files ?
Tree count recursively files, others count only their own directory.


star New files

Does your website updated on a day to day basis ? This histogram show the number of files updated for the last seven days.
Details of the files updated are displayed. Only HTML files are taken into account.

url11 url12
New page histogram List of updated pages

star Tree

Have a look at your website tree. On each cell, you will see a directory. Numbers included in bracket are respectively the number of HTML files found in the whole directory (including subdirectories), the number of HTML files in the current directory and the number of recent files in the current directory (recent means newer than 7 days).


star Absolute links

Absolute links should be avoid if you want your website to be moved to another place without problem. Absolute links always start with a '/' or a 'http://' string. So the aim of this part is to detect them to rectify your website. Of course, some could be necessary for special use.


star Symbolic links

Symbolic links are used on Unix system to follow files and to avoid files replication.

star Bad links

The page show the list of wrong links on your website. Very useful to rectify links. Javascript links are not checked.


star Same title

If you choose to use URL mapping, the script will scan all your HTML files and detect the name of the page from its title tag. Files without title tag are listed and also files found to have the same title.

url16 url17
No title found Duplicate title

star WIDTH, HEIGHT tags

To check image loading on your website, this page report problem found from the HEIGHT and WIDTH tag. Images without these two tags are listed with the right values to add.
Also images to be found with wrong values are listed. For each HTML page, the link is displayed with the values found and the correct values. Feel free to rectify. Some should not be rectify depending of your configuration (many bad webmaster use blank pixels to fix their table !).

url18 url19
Missing HEIGHT and WIDTH tags Wrong HEIGHT and WIDTH values

star ALT tags

Also ALT tags are listed. Their main use is to allow people to view the file name before displaying the image. Textual browser like Lynx use this value to display.


star Useless

Files without any links on are listed. Be careful as this part is still experimental. Some files could be link from distant website and some files are not correctly checked. So always check before deleting one of these files (javascript links are not checked).

url22 url23
Unreference pages Unusued images

star CDROM

You should add index.html in these links if your files are stored locally (without running a server) or on a CD-ROM. If you need your website to be burn on a CD, you should absolutly rectify them.