Administration interface 

If you have cgi access, the administration interface allow you to manage W3Perl remotely
W3Perl need a configuration file in order to run. Building such configuration files is just a matter of filling forms.

Manage your stats from a web interface

Running the stats remotely

There are two differents sections :
  • Configuration files :

    You could :

    1. build new configuration files
    2. modify an existing one
    3. delete old ones
    4. build a new configuration file from a previous one

  • Launch stats :

    Stats can be run from the web interface. As scripts are launched with web privileges, be sure output directory can be written.
    You can choose to update all stats using the master script or just update part of the stats (for instance, hourly stats).
    You can also define when you want to run each stats. If you have several configuration files, each stats are displayed.