Hourly stats 

Hours after hours, you can monitor your web activities.
Special events can be easily tracked.
Trends over the day can be follow via the number of requests, HTML accesses, trafic, pages red and hosts.
The stats are saved each day at midnight and can be view later in the daily stats.
Hour displayed are the server time, so if your server is located in another country, hour is different from your local time.

star Requests / Accesses / Hosts / Traffic 


For each hour, the number of hosts is displayed. Hosts doesn't mean visitor because people can use proxy server to connect to your site or get different IP number via their provider (so they are hidden). That's the reason why I use 'hosts' and not 'visitor' like others stats package.
One of the most useful information is the number of HTML pages red. HTML pages accessed via a proxy or hidden in your browser cache are not counted, only files downloaded from the server are.
Requests (hits) are also available but this number is not very useful.
Traffic help you to monitor the bandwidth used by people accessing your website. You could take care about the peak, when they occured.

Don't forget these tables are sortable by clicking on the title.

star List of hosts


Which hosts are watching your website today ? Hosts with more than a certain level of activities are listed here by last occurence order. Details show for each host the number of requests, HTML pages and the time spent on your website.
Here again, you can sort the table value by selectiing the title.

star List of HTML pages and Scripts

One of the most interesting stats is to observe which pages are the most sucessful. Most of the time, your homepage should be at the top of the list. If you have a framed website, the first files will be the main frame.

hour3b hour4
HTML pages with the most accesses Same for scripts

What you can do with HTML pages, you can do also with scripts

star Traffic summary


A small summary about download is available from the start of the current day. It help you to compute how much bandwidth you need to satisfy your customers.