Build your configuration file 

The purpose of this tool is to build your configuration file from a web interface. This tool is included in the package but you'll need a web server running in order to use it. If you do not have such web server running, building your configuration file this way is more easy than editing a file.

Once the configuration created, save the file on your host

If you experience problems with the process, you could send me comments to improve it.
Of course, your file will be freely available to all users so it could help others to create their own.

Using a web interface to manage configuration files

Make a new config
First step is to create a configuration file. Some are provided for default configuration (Mandrake, IIS). If you want to use a default one, you can already launch the stats.

Configuration can be build from scratch (make), from a default configuration provided (modify) or from your own build (clone).

Modify a config
Clone an existing config
Delete a config

Files older than one year will be deleted (to save disk space)