Daily stats 

One of the most interesting feature is to view the daily stats.
Requests, accesses, hosts and directories are displayed for each days with a link to the specific day if available.

star Requests, Accesses, Hosts

daily1 daily3
Hits/accesses/hosts over the last few days Peak activities

A graph show the number of requests, HTML pages and hosts accessing your website for each day. The number of days is specified in the configuration file, default is 50 days. The red bar is the number of hits, the green one is the number of HTML files (closely related to the number of hits, of course) and the blue one is the number of different hosts each day.
You can easily view the week end on the graph because the stats decrease every 5 days.
Graph can be displayed in four differents forms : lines, filled lines, bar chart or 3D bar chart.

star Directories traffic

daily4 daily5
Daily traffic for selected directories Peak activities

Once again, for each day, the graphic show the traffic for each directory specified in the configuration file. Each directory has a different color. Differents options are available to select the total traffic or domain traffic for all files (hits) or the total traffic or domain traffic for HTML pages only.

Also available is the weekly peak activities for each selected directories.

star Daily reports


If you want to naviguate through the different days reports, you can either use the calendar or select the day from the graph.

If you click on the graphic, full stats are provided for the day you have selected. Depending your logfile structure, you can have the complete list of hosts, countries, pages, directories, referer, agent, and session stats. Also the hourly stats for the specified day is available if your hourly stats is running at midnight (the hourly stats for the current day is saved at midnight).

A summary for the day, an acces to the textual table containing all the previous days, the average hourly and daily activities can be reach with links.

Daily accesses
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Daily directories
Daily traffic
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