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Which countries are the most popular ?
Show me countries stats on a world map
Compare countries activity

Do you have an international audience ? Check if your site reached the entire world. Take care about unresolved IP and specific non-geographical extensions, option is available to try to resolve these IP addresses but this could take age ! (DNS query)
Choosing a country will show you all hosts within.

star Geographic area

You can have stats for different parts of the world.

Selecting a gegraphic area will show the list of countries which belong to this area.

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Countries sorted by geographic area List of countries for each area

star Most successful countries

Have a look at the countries visiting your website. The table show where people are coming from. More accurate geographic level is not available unless getting access to a server location database. Unknown are servers with only an IP address (temporaly server for example).


star Countries stats

The full list of countries is available in a table. Basic data as the number of hits, number of HTML pages, traffic and number of hosts is displayed.

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Countries stats List of domain for each country

Selecting a country will display the domain hosts belonging.
Selectiing a domain will display the hosts belonging
Selecting a host will display the HTML pages read (if maximum level is set)