Scripts stats 

If you are running cgi with commands lines options, you'll be able to watch which scripts is the most used. Options used will also give you informations about the users choices. Very useful if your site is heavily scripted !

star Status code

Watch out the status code, if you have too many errors, something is wrong with your server.

status1 red_arrow status2
Status code stats Status code 404 with filename and referer

star Method used

There is several way to serve scripts for your server.


star Scripts most successful

The first section show you which cgi files are the most used on your server. The number of files can be altered in the configuration file or using the -t flag when running cron-pages/

script2 red_arrow script3
Most successful script Parameters for each script

Selecting a link will follow to another page which contains details about parameters posted to the script. So you will be able to view users choices and get some stats about their preferences. The parameters should be included in the URL to be logged so only the GET method works.