Yearly stats 

Stats for a whole year can be shown here. Current year is available.

star Hosts

A graph show the number of hosts accessing your website for the whole year. The red bar is the number of hosts, the green one is the number of new hosts from the beginning of the stats.
Graph can be displayed in four differents forms : lines, filled lines, bar chart or 3D bar chart.

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Yearly Hosts Yearly requests and accesses

star Hits, HTML pages and Domain hits

From the start of the year, the most popular html pages are shown.

star Textual yearly stats

A summary is available if you need to print these informations. If you select a link or choose to click on the graphs, a page for the selected year with basic informations about this period.


star Yearly stats

Each year have its dedicated stats page with the top ten pages requested, countries and hosts accessing. The number of top pages listed can be changed via the configuraton file or the command line.

Yearly accesses
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Yearly countries
Yearly traffic
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Yearly hosts