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Time to remove those awful frames and switched to a CSS menu (so many people were asking for !).

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Winter 2008 - Release 3.04
28.10.2008 | 3.04 | Auteur : Domisse

A new release is available. Usually, you have to wait 2 or 3 months to update W3Perl but this time, it took me more works than expected to remove frames and to use CSS. Once a script have been ran, others reports need to be updated. Many new enhancements have been included in 3.04, I hope it won't break too much !

18.10.2008 | 3.036 | Auteur : Domisse

A step further to the new 3.04 release. No more new developements, just testing the whole package.
Another graphic tool Flydraw can be used instead of Fly. The main advantage over Fly is that Flydraw have been packaged on Debian. By the way, if you want to help, if someone can manage to build a official debian package. I'm not really interested in promoting W3Perl with official support. My debian package is built thanks to alien. Building an official debian package seems to be rather complex.

Windows Apache Installer have been updated to work with 2.2.10.

Most pages (if not all) are now W3C compliant.

More tools menu
14.10.2008 | More tools menu | Auteur : Domisse

More tools have been included in the new top menu. First, you can bookmark or print each page report. It just require a one line javascript. Next you can now send the whole page via email or export in PDF. This was not a easy task when I used frames.

If you don't want to run the install.pl script as root, you'll have to create yourself the output directory in your cgi. Root privilege is just required to create this directory as cgi are root owner.
Many small improvements have been made, logfile with empty lines are now parsed

Days interval
26.09.2008 | Days interval | Auteur : Domisse

First tool to be included in the new CSS menu is a 'date interval' option. You can now select stats report for a period of time from few days to several weeks. Reports are computed in real time so it can take few seconds before completion.

Next step is to add the ability to choose between two dates rather than starting from the current day. There are many popup calendar available on the Net, one being the Calendar Date Select tool. It's a rather sophisticated tool which may be useful for your own need but I prefer to use a simpliest calndar like this one : Calendar Popup. Easy to install, its features are enough for my own usage.

From the same website, I found a lots of useful tools . W3Perl already use a sortable table tool but this one is really nicer so I plan to switch to this new javascript.

18.09.2008 | 3.034 | Auteur : Domisse

A step further to a frameless version. There is no more frames now. CSS menu have been removed from PDF reports.

People using mod_perl can use a different scriptalias in the web server configuration. Default sciptalias directive is /cgi-bin/ but mod_perl use /cgi-perl/ so I need to update the install script in order to take into account this. The /admin/index.html need to be updated and hardcoded /cgi-bin/ string need to be replaced with /cgi-perl/.
Will add a Suse configuration file.

14.09.2008 | Ideas | Auteur : Domisse

I was quite busy this week as I had courses about Active Directory. This is a quite good product which really need a good knowledge to administrate.

It took much more time than expected to remove those last frames. Managing one frame is easy when you need to update a menu, but updating every pages is a little more difficult.

I have new ideas about improving the display. There are many features which can be added in the top menu.

  • Search utility (Hosts/Pages/Users...)
  • Print / Bookmark / Email the current page
  • Calendar display for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats
  • Change CSS style
  • Stats for a specific date intervalle (last 3 days, last 10 days...)

06.09.2008 | PowerPoint | Auteur : Domisse

I'm building a new PowerPoint because the current one is really too old. The new one will be in english so everyone will be able to read it ! ;)

W3Perl news :
- Few improvements over the CSS menu, current selected menu is highlighted.
- Removing the last frames in daily/weekly/monthly area.

31.08.2008 | 3.033 | Auteur : Domisse

Back to work ! CSS Menu seems to works fine now.
I'm building a new PowerPoint because the current one is really too old (and is in french also).

W3Perl news :
- Fix various problem with CSS menu on IE
- Fix relative path for Windows (case sensitive)
- Add a progress bar when updating CSS menu to avoid timeout
- Adding a new flag -d with cron-hour to scan only the n previous days (to be used with -b flag).
- CSS menu works now with IE 6 and IE 5.5
- Full list now show the complete list, not anymore restricted to the threshold.
- Fix some W3C issues in the report.

08.08.2008 | Jawstats | Auteur : Domisse

Found on freshmeat, Jawstat is a nice awstats companion. It take awstat's output files and produce nice reports thanks to JQuery, an AJAX library. Graphics are built using flash, they are really nicer. But ... flash is not a free tool and worse, I'm still waiting for a 64bits flash player for linux ! So I don't think it's a good idea to built graphics from a flash plugin.

W3Perl news :
- Fixing path display in administration interface when choosing/modifying/cloning a configuration file.
- Forum have been upgraded to MyBB 1.4
- Add curvycorners in the reports.
- Admin link was missing in the CSS menu
- Add links to other stats reports if available.
- Fix broken link in summary administration interface (use now $linkpath_server)
- Check stats are available locally or remotely.

Todo :
- Need to manage port number.

I will be on vacation for the next two weeks....

Webalizer news
05.08.2008 | Webalizer news | Auteur : Domisse

After many years without any upgrade, Webalizer is back to life. There are many improvements available and I hope this software will grown again. Those you had never heard about Webalizer should known this package is being used by many ISP. Why ? Because it's fast ! Webalizer is written in C (as Analog) so it can parse Gb of data very easily.
Of course, one upgrade is not enough to catch back inactivities for 6 years. Let's hope new features will soon come.

W3Perl news - Fix some problems with CSS menu :
- Page's update in real-time stats show broken links because CGI requires absolute links
- PDF/Email reports were displaying the CSS menu which is not really useful
- Added CSS menu for the homepage....don't known if it's a good idea or not.
- The master script (cron-w3perl) is now updating only once the CSS menu.

Bugs from 3.03
10.07.2008 | Bugs from 3.03 | Auteur : Domisse

First bug reports ...

- Display wrong logfile format when you modify this field. Fixed.
- A more annoying bug occur when you turn on cities stats and run twice your stats. In order to speed up when working on the developement package, I was reloading the cities stats instead of computing them. Thus, running cron-pages.pl several times will make no changes in cities stats, even if your logfiles are growing. Fixed.
- I'm now checking the cities database is not compressed before running.
- Forget to add the '-dc' flag with bzip2 logfiles. Fixed.
- Postfix/Sendmail display in the web interface was switched. Fixed.
- Status code empty with some Postfix logfiles. Fixed

Few improvements :

- Show User stats only if %login field available in your logfile format
- Remove Access with mail logfiles in cities stats
- Package documentation use now a CSS menu

CSS Menu
22.07.2008 | CSS Menu | Auteur : Domisse

Time to remove those frames. First a CSS menu have been added in the package's documentation. Then in the website too.
But how to add a CSS menu in the package itself ? Well, I was thinking about :

  • Using Object tag
  • IFrame
  • PHP include
  • Template
  • SSI
Finally, using template seems to be the good choice. PHP is the easy answer as you could include a file within a file with 'include' but it requires php to be on the server. It may be true on Unix but sadly not on Windows (maybe IIS 8 ?).
Server Side Include can do the job but it's pretty old and may have some security concerns. Also, it requires file to have the shtml extension rather than html and need to be activated in your server.
IFrame and object tag can provide a way to include file but not a drop down CSS menu (will be hide within the window).

The backdraw of using Template is to include the CSS menu in every pages ... but using scripts, this is not a problem. Also, you'll have now to open the CSS menu in order to select another stats report, the frames had all useful links from a single clicks.

Once Template have been chosen, there are many ways to integrate them as the CSS Menu need to updated once each scripts have been ran.

  • Scanning all html pages to update the menu
  • Using a CGI to add the menu
  • Using AJAX
CGI and AJAX allow dynamic CSS menu but require calls to the server each time a request is made...bad idea. So I've chosen the first item. Once a script is completed, it will scan every html pages already built and will update the CSS menu. It can take a while if you have thousand of files to parse.

Curvy corners
31.07.2008 | Curvy corners | Auteur : Domisse

I was searching for a php graphic library and found this nice tool pChart. I was wondering how the website was built, especially the rounded corners in the CSS. The guy was using curvyCorners, a full javascript tool. Unlike other tools, it doesn't require image in order to run. So I decided to use it for my own website.

Homepage look like really nicer (from my point of view) using a CSS menu and including now this useful tool.

The new blog page have been improved thanks to this website Sunyday. A very interesting blog ... in french.