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Adding SSH support, improving Windows installer and using javascript maps

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3.20 3.18
3.19 bis
06.06.2014 | 3.19 bis | Auteur : Domisse
I have updated the stable release with the latest bug fixes thanks to user's feedback.
  • Missing link in menu (session homepage)
  • Load-balancing with IIS logfiles.
  • Robot exclusion when running cron-w3perl.pl
  • Missing incremental data for cups
  • File's title missing with cups logfiles
  • Empty user's report on incremental mode
  • Missing values in config file when using the web admin
  • Missing upgrade.txt

28.05.2014 | 3.19 | Auteur : Domisse
Nearly one year after the previous stable release, 3.19 is there. It includes some new features :
  • Countries maps thanks to jvectormap, a javascript tool from Kirill Lebedev
  • Region maps with city location when the GeoIPCity plugin is activated
  • Ability to output w3perl on a different logical drive than install on Windows
  • SSH support
  • Improved Windows installer
  • More graphs (robots, status code...)
Some user's requests have been added :
  • Ability to crypt output
  • Rsync support to retrieve external logfiles
  • Requests stats (default is disabled because it can take a lots of ram)
  • Check apache server is running on Mac
As usual, many bugs have been fixed thanks to user's feedbacks.

Remaining jobs :
- Improving region maps (there are some mismatchs between GeoIP and the naturalearthdata database).
- Using http://www.unixwiz.net/tools/fastzolver.html to speed up reverse DNS
- Domain stats

3.185 - jvectormap
11.05.2014 | 3.185 - jvectormap | Auteur : Domisse
Time to use a javascript tool to display countries stats. I had to choose between jvectormap and jqvmap. I have selected jvectormap as it was the only one with markers. Sadly, there is only a very small number of maps available (jqvmap includes continents maps but they cannot be used with jvectormap :(
Also latest jvectormap version was more than one year's ago, maybe a dead project :( Nethertheless, it's a very good package :)

Here is a preview (darker color and bigger circles means higher values)
Europe map with city stats enabled Map of germany with regions
preview_europe preview_de

Remaining jobs :
- Build continent maps (you need to use convert.py 1.1.1 as the latest version 1.2.2 doesn't work)
- More country maps
- Region stats

Many maps are available within this tool : jvectormap-maps-builder. But nothing's perfect....some maps have problems (missing regions, wrong name, too large ...) and the remaining task is to match region's name with the ones from GeoIP data ! For instance, GeoIP gives hundred of counties for United-kingdom where jvectormap map uses only eight ! On the other side, GeoIP have only 5 counties for Finland but the map display many more.

Once completed, I will release the next stable release 3.19 !

24.04.2014 | 3.184 | Auteur : Domisse

I've spent a lot of time solving an issue with Windows. You can now use a different volume with output files. The problem is that only latest windows version support symbolic link and the use is restricted to admin ! So I've used junction (mklink /J rather than mklink /D), and it works ! Also 'mklink' is not available on XP so the script duplicate the required resources files in the directory target. An extra field is needed in the web wizard : the name of your virtual directory alias.

So if you want generate your report on a different logical drive than the install one, you need to manually create the virtual directory in your IIS admin. No way to create this with w3perl's script as it required admin privilege.

19.04.2014 | 3.183 | Auteur : Domisse

Quite a long time without news. W3Perl's developements have been frozen for the last 6 months. It's time to work back ... but I don't want to spend all my spare time on this project anymore. I will fix bugs if you send me reports, some improvements will be added if not too big. For my daily use, W3Perl is fine now.

The dev package comes with a fix for IIS server as you need to specify the full pathname when you want to include files (it also fix the problem with crontab). Also icon for homepage was broken in javascript menu.

What's new :
- Install.pl checks if new package available and install it.
- Check apache server is running on MacOS
- Fix on logfilename detection
- Requests graphs added
- sftp and rsync support


What's next :
- Add JQVMap maps

Update : Too much cleaning have been done for Windows packages. Links were wrong on output, I was still using old config files for testing :(
As an extra, installer display nicer icons for exe files.

30.09.2013 | 3.182 | Auteur : Domisse

Crash when finding timestamp in the future. Fixed.
SSH reports have been improved.
Graphs showing the number of status code versus days have been added. So you can detect more easily attacks.
Robots activity shows graph versus days.

robots statuscode404

21.09.2013 | 3.181 | Auteur : Domisse
Only three bugs have been found in 3.18 !

The first one is about logifle rotation with postfix. I forget to use my new extract_date_syslog function to extract postfix date.
The next one is about computing hourly stats over the whole logfiles with daily uncompressed logfiles. (cron-hour.pl -b). It's really a minor bug ;)
The last one was skipping agent field on W3C logfile format when parsing one logfile

Support for sshd logfiles have been added.