If you want to contribute, there are many ways to do so.

- Working on scripts

- Clickmap

I first work on clickmap one year ago as it seems very interesting to watch where users have clicked on the page. In order to use click map, you need to add a javascript tag in your html file which will read mouse coordonates and user's screen resolution.
Sadly browsers have different implementation of mouse location. I have still problems with floating page. If anyone want to look in...

- City map

The map used to plot cities location have some problems : Vietnam have been forgotten and projection is unknown. If you can provide a nicer one, I will be pleased to use it.

- Documentation

- Translation

Output are available in several languages but some need to be updated. New ones are always welcome.

- Howto, installation guide

If you want to write your own installation guide....

- Display

- Submit your own CSS style

Want to share your own CSS ? If so, send them to me and I will include them in the next release.

- Improving the package

- Testing and reporting bugs.

The best way to improve the package is to send bug report.
I have no time to test everything on every Mail/Web/FTP/Squid servers using many different configurations. Just send an email about your problem and I will fix it as soon as possible. .

- Answering the survey

How to improve the package...answer few questions and it will help. You rcomments are welcome.

- Promote

If you like this package, you can add a link from your website and w3perl will become more easy to find on google. You can donate, offering sponsorship (as WHS do) or just send a thanks by email !