W3Perl survey

In order to improve the package, I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions


How have you heard of this package ?
Google Website Friends Newspaper Other

How long have you been using W3Perl ?
Never Less than one month 6 months One year More


Which OS your server is running on :
Windows Unix MacOS Others

Which service is running on :
Web - Apache Web - IIS FTP Mail Proxy
Other :


Are you using/planning to use W3Perl for :
my personal usage my company playing compare with other stats analyzer write a review

What kind of stats are you interested in ?
Web Squid FTP Mail Streaming Domino Others

Are you using some plug-ins ?
GeoIP loupe GeoIPCity loupe Heatmap loupe Screensize loupe PDF report loupe Email report loupe SPIP loupe

Have you used / Are you using another logfile analyser ?
Yes No
If yes which one ?


How did you install the package ?
FTP RPM package Ubuntu/Debian package Windows installer Tarball Already installed Not yet

Are you running the package :
on your server on a local host

Do you manage your configuration files via the admin interface ?
Yes No
If no, why ?


What parts need to be improved ?
Reports Admin interface Installation Documentation Support

What features would like to see in the future ?
load-balancing server Support for more log format More javascript tools Web service More reports (which ones ?)
Other :

Installation Speed Security Upgrade Configuration Graphics
Other :

Which tools do you think would be useful to add ?
SVN repository Debug Tool Mailing list Wiki


Do you think a new release every three months is enough ?
Yes, I can use weekly dev package in the meantime Monthly release should be better Twice a year is enough

Which version are you using ?
Latest stable Developement package


Would you like to contribute to the package ?
Display (Icon/CSS ... ) Debug Packaging (NSIS, Distrib ... ) Plugins Promotion Ressources (languages/robots ... )