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Nearly 4 months after 3.06, the next 3.07 stable release is available.

Next release Previous release
3.08 3.06
12.09.2009 | 3.07 | Auteur : Domisse
At last, 3.07 is available.It took much more time than expected. I would like to thanks Arnis from latvia who help me a lot to improve Squid reports and Giovanni from italy which send me numerous bugs about the Windows side. Thanks also to all people who send me bug reports and suggestions.

Few improvements from the last RC:

- Date selection required at least one date
- Date selection doesn't need to have the first date as the oldest one
- Some incremental data have some problems.
- GeoIPfree plugin have been updated.
- Improved documentation
- Calendar button is working
- Weekly reports fixed.
- Small fixes (CSV output, image link on windows, country list updated, admin interface ...)

Ideas for the next release (still the same as 3.06 !):

- Support for load-balancing servers
- Adding filering in table
- Multi-processor support
- Search tools
- New homepage
- Incremental real-time to speed up
- WMI for IIS 7.0 installer + support for UTF-8 W3C logfiles

3.07 RC
16.08.2009 | 3.07 RC | Auteur : Domisse
At last, the Windows 64bits installer have been fixed. I'm still using ADSI to install the package (WMI is more powerful but require at least IIS 6.0). The drawback for IIS 7.0 is to install the IIS 6.0 metabase compatibility before installing W3Perl. Sadly, there is no way to test if the metabase is installed in the registry on 64bits (problem have been fixed only in Windows 7).

Incremental script have been improved. No data is lost when the logfiles are rotated.

3.07 Beta
10.08.2009 | 3.07 Beta | Auteur : Domisse
IIS installer on Windows 64bits doesn't return the list of available server, so installation failed. I will postponed the next 3.07 release until this bug remains.

- html filesize was not saved
- Robots detection have been improved. I use now hostname and agent field to match robot.
- Generic domain name (com/net/biz..) are now sorted by countries if geoipcity is activated.
- Download traffic available also for html files

Large numbers
24.07.2009 | Large numbers | Auteur : Domisse
Some people asked me why W3Perl show small numbers compared to others log analyzer packages. The answer is W3Perl reject redirect status code. Redirect requests are cached pages (from your browser or a proxy server) and does not reflect in my mind the real traffic. If you click on the reload button from your favorite browser, each reload will make a request to the server with a redirect status code. In fact, the server check if the page is still the same, if so, no data is sent (size is set to 0), otherwise the server sent the updated page.
You can easily guess there are easy ways to increase your stats reports ... just using the reload button or the back button. Each time you're going through the website's homepage, you're increasing your stats numbers (except the first time of course when the homepage is not yet in the cache).
As you may want to count 'pages view', a flag have been added to add the redirection status code in the report. So you can get with large numbers too ...

3.066 - Daily reports
20.07.2009 | 3.066 - Daily reports | Auteur : Domisse
Last features added until the next stable release. More details are available for daily reports. For each host, the list of pages red is displayed. On the opposite side, for each page, you can view the list of hosts. This is available for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports or your own date selection.

Daily_report Weekly_report
Daily pages report Weekly hosts report

CurvyCorners library have been updated to 2.0.4.

3.065 - Real-time stats
16.07.2009 | 3.065 - Real-time | Auteur : Domisse
Real-time have been updated. Rather than sending the updated real-time stats in the browser, I now write the output in a file. If you are using several languages, it will take an extra time to write many files but it allow to switch from one language to another one more easily. Also the html file is now updated every minute, calling back these file will display the right report rather than the initialization. URL is also more user-friendly, no more cgi string in URL.

Realtime Daily_destination
Real time stats improved Daily users and destination show more details

Squid users can now display the list of users/hosts for each daily destination. Users are available only if you are using authentication.
Daily users reports show also the list of pages seen.

08.07.2009 | 3.064 | Auteur : Domisse
Latest news :

- User's reports have been added in the daily stats
- CSV have been added also in the main reports
- Some fixes have been applied to the Windows port.

Users report for a specific date

3.063 - Auth Users
28.06.2009 | 3.063 - Auth Users | Auteur : Domisse
Squid report can now show user's activities. It's more efficient to follow users rather than hosts if each user require to be authenticated.

- Squid report can show the list of pages red for each user.
- Cleaning some codes

3.062 - Filetype
14.06.2009 | 3.062 - Filetype | Auteur : Domisse
Some new features have been added thanks to user's feedbacks. The first one allow to answer to : 'Who is downloading mp3 files ?'. Only the top ten files are available as it would take too much time and disk space to do the job on every file.

- Filetype can show list of hosts
- Referer can be done on all files to allow media website (without html files) to get their stats.


3.061 - New CurvyCorners
26.05.2009 | 3.061 - CurvyCorners | Auteur : Domisse
3.06 seems to be fine as I didn't get any bug reports (except one from a IIS user but no reply from that guy anymore).

- Moving to the latest 2.0.3 CurvyCorners library.
- Few minor bug fixes.
- Add some pie charts in the session reports

Session_nb Session_length
Number of multiple sessions Session length

Documentation was broken on IE due to a z-index problem. How to loose time with Microsoft ... ;)