W3Perl developement 

From 3.09 to 3.10 release. 4 months.

Next release Previous release
3.11 3.09
11.09.2010 | 3.10 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release is available. It require more than 4 months to complete this new release. It includes only one major new feature (CUPS logfile support), many small improvements over display, config management, new reports ... and lots of bug fixes thanks to your feedback.

What's new in 3.10 :
- CUPS logfiles are now supported. Manage your printers.
- Referer phrases have been added.
- A counter mode allow you to build some statistics on your external links
- Hosts for each error stats code allow you to detect Web attacks.
- Pretty URL mode has been improved (URL without file extension as most CMS use)
- Rejik proxy support have been added
- Date selection can be set within the master script.
- Various bugs fixes

Next release is planning around january 2011. My aim is to bring support for load-balancing logfiles ... at last !

What's next
- Adding new logfileformat fields : %rule (Rejik proxy), %occurence (CUPS), %timeshift (Real-time)
- Building config files for each virtual server (IIS)
- Browsing through config files building/cloning (done in 3.101)
- nginx-access and nginx-error logfile

3.10 RC
05.09.2010 | 3.10 RC | Auteur : Domisse
Back to work ... A number of issues have been fixed thanks to your bug reports. Support have been added for Rejik proxy logfile. Cups logfiles support have been completed. New stable release should be available in the next few days.

You can now add your email when building your config file online. If you do so, I will be able to check your file and send you comments or problems found if any.

PLUME - Outils libres
01.09.2010 | PLUME - Outils libres | Auteur : Domisse
Plume, a french organisation to promote free software, have organized a tour on online communication tools which is available here (french). The last two talks were about web analytics (Piwik/AWstats).

Cups logfile
18.07.2010 | Cups logfile | Auteur : Domisse
W3Perl is now able to parse CUPS logfiles. Sadly the logfile format is really poor, without any information about filesize or filename. But it can be useful to check which users are printing the most on which printers.


CUPS stats reports will allow you to check bad users behavior (users who print too much or users who are not using a recto-verso printer), and optimize your printer usage to save money (set your cost-saving printer as the default one or move it to the location where people are printing the most).

Date interval
10.07.2010 | Date interval | Auteur : Domisse
- Few fixes : wrong links with hourly saved pages, URL longer than 255 characters gave problems with Squid logfiles. Counter php script have been improved. Added a default threshold for Squid configuration file using precision set to 4. Javascript tag script was corrupt (typo).

- Few improvements : added -s <startdate> and -r <enddate> flags for the master script (cron-w3perl.pl) in order to compute stats between two dates. Full strings are available in referer stats (user's request).

3.093 - Counter
27.06.2010 | 3.093 - Counter | Auteur : Domisse
You can now use W3Perl as a counter. A small php script is provided which will write a counter for each external links and also a logfile. This logfile can be used to get some stats about your external links. A default configuration file config-counter.pl is available.

Some problems have been fixed with Squid logfile parsing (precision set to 4). Some bugs have been removed from the web admin interface.


13.06.2010 | 3.092 | Auteur : Domisse
No big changes since 3.091, only few minor improvements over the web admin. Some wrong links have been fixed in the display.

If you hosted several domain name to the same website, you can now group them to count them as locally. For instance, if you have domain.net, domain.gov and domain.com, just add the string '.domain.' to localdomaine, could be useful if you don't want to see referer from your own domain.

Status code - Invalid password
10.06.2010 | Status code - Invalid password | Auteur : Domisse
IIS FTP logfiles parsing have been improved. It should now works with both IIS 6 and IIS 7 servers using W3C logfile format. I was surprised to see so much invalid password requests, so I've added the list of hosts for each login attempts. So you can blacklist those sites which are trying to hack you ;)

status ftp pass

Brute force hack from (chinese server as usual !).

How to set a counter
28.05.2010 | How to set a counter | Auteur : Domisse
Need to know how many users are clicking on your links ? Writing a web counter is quite easy. All you need is few lines of PHP. Inside the script, get the httpd server environment variable and append a CLF (Common LogFile) format line in a logfile. Replace your link with a call to your php script. That's all. If you are interested in, I can send you the (basic) script.

Wait a few days and use W3Perl to analyze your logs ! ;)

22.05.2010 | IIS 7 FTP | Auteur : Domisse
IIS FTP stats was only working for a specific logfile format. Now, it read the W3C fields so it should work with any logfile format. IIS 7 use a different format than IIS 6 ... W3Perl works now with both.
FTP Status and Error Codes

Pretty URL
18.05.2010 | Pretty URL | Auteur : Domisse
Support for Pretty URL (used in most CMS as WordPress or Joomla) have been added. Pretty URL is a nice way to get easier URL using mod_rewrite module.

On Windows, if you choose to update one of the provided configuration files, the config file is not overwritted due to permission problem. User IUSR is not allowed to write/delete config files. Problems have been fixed within the IIS installer.

Referer and useragent field within Squid Native configuration file were removed. They are back now.

Next big feature will be load-balancing server support.