W3Perl developement 

3.11 will be a maintenance release with few new features. Developements are focused on bug fixes and improvements.

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3.12 3.10
08.01.2011 | 3.11 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release is available. Nothing really new, only improvements have been added and bug fixes have been applied.

- Main improvements :

- Download manager behaviors have been improved (count one entry rather than n hits).
- Aborted download better management
- Memory improvement over weekly/monthly and yearly scripts.
- Naviguate through web admin allowing to modify and save configuration files more easily.
- Traffic splitted logfiles are now parsed without problem.
- Improved Windows installer (config files show now full windows pathname).

Subitem - Weekly reports show now a limited number of subitem for each entry (in order to avoid a huge page to be loaded).
The subitems are now sortered.
Could be useful for yearly reports where you can have thousand of subitems for each entry.
Default value is 10 but higher the value is, more time it will take to compute.

- 'Different accesses' display the number of different pages requested. Could be useful to know if you get most requests from few pages or not.

- 'Daily visits' show how often the host have requested for access during the period of time. For weekly report, '7' means an everyday visits.

- Weekly/Monthly and Yearly reports show the same memory and display improvement.

2011 download
06.01.2011 | 2011 download | Auteur : Domisse

2010 is over ... time to build some stats about the download area.

Of course, I use W3Perl to get the numbers. I just need to build a config file using @extension = ('gz','exe','deb','rpm'); in order to count these file extension as pages.

W3perl Download 2010

More than 11,000 download this year, 90% using the stable version and 10% who want to try the dev package.

  • 50% from Windows binary (42 % no server, 36% IIS, 20 % Apache, 3% Abyss)
  • 50% from Unix (50% tarball, 34% debian, 16% rpm)

The three main peaks are release date (3.08 mid-january, 3.09 beginning-may and 3.10 mid-september).
No increase over the year. It seems that adding support for SpamAssassin in mail logfiles and support for CUPS printer doesn't bring more users. The new homepage is now one year's old and is working quite well now.

Year 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Download 11310 10127 9990 5978 3425 1972 2601 3551 5317 6635

I've stopped working on W3Perl in 2002 when I had a new job at Terapix and started back to work on the package in mid-2007 when I left this position. Sadly, it was a lack of time and energy to work with such people. I needed at least two years to catch up and get an updated package.

3.11 RC
04.01.2011 | 3.11 RC | Auteur : Domisse
At last, memory improvement on yearly script is completed. Larger website (proxy) have huge numbers and loading the whole data could led to a memory shortage. The drawback is it take much more time to compute as many checks are done to save memory. First, only the first display_subitem are loaded for each page/host and only the first max_item_page are parsed.

Incremental data on aborted download was corrupted. I use now a file from the cron-url script (if available) in order to extract filesize as logfile can show wrong value even for a 200 status code.

23.12.2010 | 3.105 | Auteur : Domisse
Blog pages are now ordered with version number instead of date as I do not post enough messages each month !
More tests have been done in order to kill more bugs :
  • Weekly/Monthly and Yearly Traffic accesses was wrong
  • Fix for windows shortcut : C:\Progra~2\. So windows config files store full pathname, second part of config files have been moved to libw3perl...
  • Added Terabyte as unit
  • Option -d with old logfiles was crashing
  • More configuration checkings (excluderepert are rectify with a leading and trailing slash).
  • Small cosmetic changes (show logfiles processed, some percentage were set to 0...)

I've found a javascript graphic library which looks very promising : Protovis

12.12.2010 | 3.104 | Auteur : Domisse
Once again, this is only a bug fixes release. Memory management have been improved within the yearly/monthly/weekly scripts. Loading one year of reports was claiming too much memory and the reports were too long to display. A new threshold have been added to limit the number of subitem to display in pages/hosts section. Also the list is now ordered.

Partial download (206 status code) have been improved. People using download manager are now more accurate allowing a better number of downloads to be counted.

What's next :
- %rule support (rejik Proxy logfile format)
- Hourly -b with traffic splited logfiles
- IIS : build one config for each web server found
- MacOS installer
- Facebookexternalhit/twitter referer
- User's own custom graph
- "C:\Program Files (x86)\" if referenced short needs to be "C:\Progra~2\"

08.11.2010 | 3.103 | Auteur : Domisse
Next dev release brings only few fixes. More flexibility have been added if you need to parse your own logfiles. Logfile size rotation support have been added. Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs, sending comments and improvements.

I have two new OS at home ... Android on my Spica phone and a MacOS laptop. First contact with the Mac World. Hope to release a dedicated package when I will more familiar with.

30.09.2010 | 3.101 | Auteur : Domisse
Two weeks after the 3.10 release, no serious bug have been found. Good news :)
Only small problems have been reported and fixed in the first dev package. It includes wrong javascript checks, wrong display units, very small logfiles size ...

config_browse - You can now browse through your config file in order to modify and save in one go.

- Windows pathname display now their fullpath including space characters. So the package should be working if installed on a twin directory (/Program Files/ or /Program Files (x86)/ which give /Progra~1/ and /Progra~2/)

Only one minor feature have been added : the ability to browse through the web wizard when modify/cloning configuration files. You do not need anymore to validate every forms in order to change one value.