W3Perl developement 

Still debugging ... and improving reports. Fixes include mainly ipv6 and mail logfiles issues. Main work is be to convert Fly plot to Jqplot plot.

Next release Previous release
3.17 3.15
27.11.2012 | 3.16 | Auteur : Domisse
Finally, seven month later, the next stable release is out. Much of the work was to convert Fly graphics to a new javascript library Jqplot. And it's not yet completed !
The drawback is you should have javascript enabled or you won't be able to see any graph ! So you will be able to choose between Fly and Jqplot in the next release from your configuration file.
The pros is it take less space (no more graphic files on your hard disk) and produce faster real-time.
3D graphs are not available in jqplot but now you can zoom inside the plot ... A really nice feature !
A recent browser is required as javascript engine are more efficient (but it works with Firefox 3.6 and IE 7)

New homepage available, the previous one was 3 year's old (version 3.08)
screenshot316 Main features from 3.16 :

- Graphs generated from Jqplot a javascript library rather than Fly
- Webstar logfile support including a default config file
- DHCP logfile support
- OS report display MacOS version
- No more deprecated function used
- Improved mail reports
- Many bug fixes thanks to user's feedback
- Improved ipv6 support
- Improved detection of split logfiles

Last work from previous dev package :

- Real-time report faster as no graph is build
- Jqplot works with IE also !
- Matrix screen when stats are being generated from web admin :)
- Adding several tests to improve reports and avoid errors

To be done :

- Memory improvement on incremental run for Squid user
- Switching the last graphics to jqplot
- Adding more graphics tools (select date interval, choose which serie to display, saving plots...)
- Adding domain plots.

3.16 soon
07.11.2012 | 3.16 soon | Auteur : Domisse
I'm a bit late....I'm still improving jqplot graph display and converting old Fly graphics to jqplot. The new graphics need to be build while the html pages are generated, so it requires many changes in the code. Using Fly, graphics could be build when the data were collected. For instance, some weekly graphs are available in the 'Directory' section. It was not a problem with Fly as the weekly script was building the graphs and use later ... now it should be generated when building the Directory section, and so i need to reload the data.

21.10.2012 | 3.156 | Auteur : Domisse
More jqplot graphics are available as pie chart. I hope to release the next stable release before the end of October but there are still many works to be complete. I won't be able to test everything.

Book on W3Perl
01.10.2012 | Book on W3Perl | Auteur : Domisse
There is a book on W3Perl which have been published by VerPublishing on August 2012. Sadly, I have not been contacted by the author so I have no idea of what's inside ! It seems VerPublishing is using wikipedia to build theirs books and no added-value have been added. At $42, please don't buy it ! If you really want more details on the software, visit my website or send me an email ! http://www.amazon.com/W3Perl-Larrie-Benton-Zacharie/dp/6201567488 Note a similar book is available for Awstats which should be avoided also !.

30.09.2012 | 3.155 | Auteur : Domisse
I'm still improving jqplot display and switching more graphics from fly to jqplot.
Port number can be added to IP in web admin auth file. file.
Macintosh browser show Mac OS version.

Fly Jqplot
Pros - Graphics generated once
- Easier to build within perl scripts
- Map file can be applied
- Nicer
- Save disk space as no files are build.
- W3Perl is now a standalone package
Cons - Package dependancy
- xaxis and yaxis as separate files
- Require javascript enabled
- Longer to display (use browser CPU)
- No 3D plot

Work to be done :
- Update for MacOS installer
- Graph req/access/host on local domain if available
- Check RSS file is ok
- display current month on monthly report
- Doc : history,speed and config_manual outdated

jqplot week jqplot day
Weekly barchart Stacked trafic chart

3.154 - First jqplot graphs
15.09.2012 | 3.154 - First jqplot graphs | Auteur : Domisse
Using jqplot was more difficult than expected. There are some features missing as 3d plot or histogram.

Jqplot work to be done :
- barchart outline
- saving graphs in png
- choose data on the fly
fly-day jqplot-day
Fly daily chart Jqplot daily chart

3.153 - dhcpd
25.08.2012 | 3.153 - dhcpd | Auteur : Domisse
Support for unix dhcpd logfiles have been added. You can now map IP / Mac address which allow you to check which IP have been served to which host.
dhcp_ip dhcp_mac
The following IP have been assigned to 18 different computer.
You can retrieve which computer had this IP on a specific date.
List of IP which have been assigned to a computer.

I'm back from vacation and will spent the next few months to include the following works :
- jqplot integration
- memory leaks on proxy
- dhcpd logfiles support
- merging reports
- Filtering on %method (to get stats only on POST or GET ?)

01.08.2012 | Jqplot | Auteur : Domisse
Time to switch to a graphical javascript library. Jqplot seems to be the perfect tool so I've started to include some graphs in the hourly report.

Bug fixes
- getopt.pl from old Perl package have been removed from install.pl
- mail_direction have been added in web admin
- CSS3 curvy corners added (Firefox remove its preliminary support).

08.07.2012 | 3.152 | Auteur : Domisse
This new dev release improve mail reports. Uppercase and lowercase email addresses are now merge. Bounce emails are not anymore seen in local stats.You have now the ability to filter on incoming/outcoming mails or select both. Number of spam is displayed in every report.

Few informations about parsing mail server with spamassassin data :

- Using mail.log :
$struct_logfile = "%date %null %null %null %module %id %message";

Mar 29 10:59:58 cairanne exim[1971]: 1SDBD3-0000Vn-Ty <= miche.Lakiu@upmc.fr H=shiva144.upmc.fr (shiva.upmc.fr) [] P=esmtps X=TLS1.0:DHE_RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA1:32 S=2072 id=3403C032-DF50-4674-B90E-0A6855E77B26@upmc.fr
Mar 29 11:00:03 cairanne exim[1977]: 1SDBD3-0000Vn-Ty => irkmks@iap.fr R=local_user T=cyrus_smtp H=carignan.iap.fr [] X=TLS1.0:RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA1:32
Mar 29 11:00:03 cairanne exim[1977]: 1SDBD3-0000Vn-Ty Completed

Mar 29 10:59:59 cairanne spamd[1043]: spamd: processing message <3403C032-DF50-4674-B90E-0A6855E77B26@upmc.fr> for irkmks:1682
Mar 29 11:00:02 cairanne spamd[1043]: spamd: result: . 0 - SPF_PASS scantime=3.4,size=2109,user=irkmks,uid=1682,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=50176,mid=<3403C032-DF50-4674-B90E-0A6855E77B26@upmc.fr>,autolearn=unavailable

- Using Exim :
$struct_logfile = "%date %time %id %module %message";

2012-07-01 06:30:07 1SlBnS-0000CZ-Qk <= pojhtg@astronomy.ohio-state.edu H=astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu [] P=esmtp H=astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu [] P=esmtp S=2118 id=889B8B9F-8035-4D47-90AA-5E524FBD19FA@nd.edu
2012-07-01 06:30:09 1SlBnS-0000CZ-Qk => baferij@iap.fr R=local_user T=cyrus_smtp H=carignan.iap.fr [] X=TLS1.0:RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA1:32

You can also your syslog file or separate spamassassin logfiles.

Bug fixes
- Favicon is back
- Wrong load for pays_ip with reverse_geo enable (country was set to date in incremental run)
- ToggleAll function was not working on daily spam report
- Fix an issue about reading mail.log file (which include exim and spamassassin records).
- Full list on spam report was not available
- Users report may show twice the right value.
- Display spam value for each domain found.

24.06.2012 | 3.151 | Auteur : Domisse
Nearly two months after the latest stable release, nothing really new. I have received very few bug reports so the package seems to be quite stable now. I have no plan to work very hard on the package for the next few months.

Bug fixes
- Mail report were empty due a typo in cron-pages.pl !
- Problem with logfile starting with an empty line solved
- Squid report failed when URL with 0a character found (0A was match but not 0a !)
- Geo::IPfree doesn't support ipv6 addresses. Added ipv6 support for Geo::IP using the Maxmind ipv6 database.
- Socket6 perl module require for Perl < 5.14 to parse ipv6 addresses
- Problem solved for daily uncompressed windows logfiles parsed on Unix
- IPv6 addresses were convert to local domain
- Date problem on updating homepage with old w3perl package (blank line from time-stat have been removed).
- Few minor enhancements on web admin (added geoipv6_file for ipv6 maxmind database)

28 Jun 2012 : forget to init Geo::IPfree on cron-hour and cron-agent which generate a "Can't call method "LookUp"" : fixed !

Here is a review about Geo IP Perl module : http://neilb.org/reviews/ip-location.html