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Maintenance release.

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3.16 3.14
25.04.2012 | 3.15 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release available. Only a maintenance release. I hope to start implementing the new javascript graphic library very soon.

What's new
- CUPS support improved
- Session reports improved
- PDF have been cleaned.
- Security check on web admin

12.04.2012 | 3.145 | Auteur : Domisse
Only few bug fixes :
- List of printed file for each printer
- Title name was not displayed in every reports
- Session number was overestimated within the last days
- Session show the number of day between visits.
- New homepage for session report.

Some usefuls links on i18n :

- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/155719/best-practices-for-internationalizing-web-applications
- http://search.cpan.org/~jhi/perl-5.8.1/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod

24.03.2012 | 3.144 | Auteur : Domisse
Only few bug fixes :
- Browser version with two digits were not shown
- Linux distribution were not saved / Improved browser detection
- Added Windows 8 (NT 6.2)
- Improved support for CUPS (support for %{job-name} either from logfile or from spool filename), login with extra space character are now displayed, search tool works
- Removing ajax update toolbar if no web server running
- Update on rotated and splited logfile with several days off fixed.

09.03.2012 | 3.143 | Auteur : Domisse
Only few bug fixes :
- GZIP filename check was wrong on Windows Vista and 7
- cron-pages.pl -d flag was skipping data on daily uncompressed logfiles
- Filename length greater than 255 characters are not displayed (Windows doesn't support such filename !).
- Admin pass was overwritten during upgrade
- Config files during w3perl.exe installation (no server) were saved on the wrong location
- Remove old perl4 library

Time to work on memory usage as some users experienced some problems. First the size of logfiles which will be parse is displayed on init. Need a way to compare with the amount of RAM available.

Some usefuls links :
- http://www.perl.com/pub/2002/09/11/log4perl.html
- http://perl.active-venture.com/pod/perldebguts-perlmemory.html
- http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=267209
- http://search.cpan.org/~nwclark/Devel-Size/lib/Devel/Size.pm
- http://search.cpan.org/~bloonix/Sys-Statistics-Linux/lib/Sys/Statistics/Linux.pm
- http://search.cpan.org/~cjohnston/Win32-SystemInfo-0.11/SystemInfo.pm

29.02.2012 | 3.142 | Auteur : Domisse
In order to access the web admin, you need first to authorize a list of IP with the admin password file. So it will restrict access to your admin, avoiding people to play with your reports. Best would be to use an .htaccess file (Apache server) but as some users forget (or don't know how) to put one, there is now a minimal security feature. As you cannot get IP with javascript, an ajax call is made to a php script to get this value and compare with the list of authorized IP. If php is not available, you'll need to secure the admin directory using an .htaccess file or any other method. SSI is not being used as it can be disabled on the server side.

PDF exportation have been cleaned for daily reports. Title page was missing and some reports were broken.

Piwik 1.7 have been released. From their changelog, there are some nice ideas to implement :
-> Visits by days since last visit
-> Visits to conversion
-> Day to conversion

If I have some time, I will look at heatmap again.

What next : new homepage for session report.

3.141 - PI release
18.02.2012 | 3.141 | Auteur : Domisse
First dev package is available.
From Perl 5.13, a number of core modules will be deprecated so you'll see some warnings using w3perl. In order to avoid this, you need to install the old modules from CPAN. More details here

Various small fixes have been applied :
- Check logfiles are readable for apache rotation
- localdomain can now accept domain rather than string in web admin
- cron-url graphs were removed on init
- remove "internal dummy connection" from stats
- some minor html code fixes.