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3.12 is also a maintenance release.

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12.04.2011 | 3.12 | Auteur : Domisse
Stable release 3.12 is available. This is a maintenance release, so no big new features. This is Gagarine day as 50 years ago, the first man was sent into space ... and 30 years ago, the first space shuttle was launched.

- Main improvements :

- Windows users can upgrade the package.
- Tested on Windows Vista/Seven
- Selection now accept regex strings
- Added some pie charts in referer reports.
- Subitem now available fro Users and Destination daily reports
- Improved CUPS reports
- Many many bugfixes

What's next :

- Adding support for MAC address (squid)
- MacOS installer
- Local subnet stats
- City stats cache to speed up.
- Splitting domain hosts reports in several ones
- Building /resources/admin/config from /config/config files
- Virtualfilter empty => adding destination in Pages reports.
- Adding a new script validate_config.pl

3.12 RC
08.04.2011 | 3.12 RC | Auteur : Domisse
Next stable release should be available in one week. Few bugs have been fixed :
  • Windows_ShortPath function was not working on Vista
  • Robots name could be empty on incremental mode
  • more checks on config file
  • monthly javascript calendar have wrong links
  • @fileroot could not be set properly on Windows Seven
  • ...

@selection now accept regex string.
I have installed W3Perl on a Windows Seven laptop without problem. Logfile path was not set in the right directory.

25.03.2011 | 3.114 | Auteur : Domisse
I have updated few online reports demo. I have found some problems which have been fixed. For instance, on Squid report, a huge number of files was produced with the highest level of precision because a report for every page was built. Using threshold saves cpu and disk space ! Hourly reports was inaccurate on Squid reports as some data were not flush. Traffic show now correct link for Connect method. Hourly scripts using -s/-r flags was not working.

Many bug have been fixed : monthly calendar links, incremental loading for virtual host, robot incremental data, -d flag for hourly script, wrong links on homepage ...

Subitem in Users and Destination reports have been added.

Refer hosts now include search engines. Refer domain pie chart have been added. Bookmark stats have been removed as numbers were wrong. Full list have been included.

06.03.2011 | 3.113 | Auteur : Domisse
More bugs have been fixed thanks to your feedback.
  • Some date were wrongly skiped
  • Windows users running w3perl without a server doesn't require $pathserver
  • Windows short path was wrong for $GZIP
  • Upgrade on windows package have been once again fixed
  • Windows package will install a default config.pl file.
  • Both accesses from browser and script could bring an empty page when requests occur at the same time : now use Ajax
  • Output from scripts is now saved in output.log
  • More checks in config file about missing values

What's next :

- Using a cache for city stats
- Subitem for Users and Destination
- Local subnet stats
- Cleaning configuration file
- What's next survey
- Mac installer
- Updating demo (CUPS/FTP/Counter)
- Windows installer : splash screen / locconf.default management / IIS multi-serveur config files
- More Cups reports (histogram on pages per file)
- Updating config-win documentation
- Email alert on threshold ?
- Nginx native format support
- New homepage for session stats
- Minor fixes (Sort on Search results, up/down array on SearchPages ...)

14.02.2011 | 3.112 | Auteur : Domisse
Only minor bug fixes have been applied. Search tool on CUPS reports show now valid entries.

I'm planning to add some reports on sub-network stats on local domain.

21.01.2011 | 3.111 | Auteur : Domisse
CUPS reports have been improved. Some useless reports have been removed, each printed document is unique so no need to build some stats over the last days or display graph about it. Some labels have been changed. A dedicated forum have been added to get support.

For each host, you can have the list of files printed and how many pages was sent to the printer

Some users have reported an upgrade problem on Ubuntu. If your config files have disappeared from the web interface (they should have been build using this tool), follow this guideline on how to retrieve them :
- note your config filename in /config/
- edit /resources/admin/locconf and add one line for each of your config file. Each values are tab separated : configfilename path, w3perl version, creation date, unix/windows OS, server type, comment. You should be able to see them now when reloading the web admin interface.

Todo list :
- Improving Windows Installer
- MacOS Installer
- Updating demo on w3perl.com