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3.13 is still a maintenance release

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06.10.2011 | 3.13 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release 3.13 is available. This is also a maintenance release as I didn't have the time to add new features :(
Hundred of fixes have been applied from 3.12, too many to be listed here.
Sadly I had no time to implement new idea from 3.12 but I have still receive new suggestions !
Ideas for next release :
- Session incremental
- Support for CLF format for Proftpd
- City/Documents daily reports
- MacAdress support
- Pre-processing command
- Fix : Computing/Install on different drive letter on Win
- Search on toolbar
- Test avec PDF, Email, CSV, city cache, Windows 2008 R2 installer
- Sub Network

30.09.2011 | 3.127 | Auteur : Domisse
One last dev release before the next stable release.
Here the last 10 issues fixed in 3.127 :
- Javascript calendar didn't work with a long list of parameters on IE
- Search on hosts should not link to a page if no access have been found
- Cron-w3perl stop when trying to update the stats when run after just after init
- Refer and agent scripts skip current logfile if not found
- City cache is now working
- Nicer homepage display with IE
- City list now sorted alphabetically
- Wrong permission on real-time stats update
- Incremental run produce empty stats if prefixlog contains a dot.
- Montly stats now works in incremental mode

Thanks to everyone who sent comments :)

20.09.2011 | 3.126 | Auteur : Domisse
At least, memory improvement is completed. It should be one of the last dev package before the next stable release.
Many tests need to be done in order to validate code's changes. Of course, I can't test everything and your help is welcome. I would like to thanks again people sending bug reports, it really help to improve the package.

Memory leak
04.09.2011 | Memory leak | Auteur : Domisse
Minor updates have been done (for instance : added the new south sudan country). Windows installer is now working with Apache 2.2.20.
A serious memory leak have been fixed within the week/month and year scripts. More works need to be done in order to save more memory but it should require the main stats to be regenerated.

Bug fixes
29.07.2011 | Bug fixes | Auteur : Domisse
Few bugs have been killed. Local country code was not set properly when using IP hosts, space characters inside URL were not saved in the right way so incremental stats crash...

04.07.2011 | 3.124 | Auteur : Domisse
More details are available on method used. Squid users can now list hosts with connect (https tunnelling).

List of hosts using https protocol in a Squid server

Fixes :
- Missing var $dirsep in 3.123
- City field empty in weekly/monthly/yeraly reports

14.06.2011 | 3.123 | Auteur : Domisse
- Local hosts are not anymore group together (precision 4).
- Installer updated with Apache 2.2.19
- You can use %host to match mac addresses

Problem to fix : on Windows, output directory is located in another driver letter than install directory.

21.05.2011 | 3.122 | Auteur : Domisse
I'm a bit late to implement the new features people are asking for. I spend much of my time answering emails ... but most of them are interesting issues.

Some fixes included in the dev package :
- Empty logfiles
- No more fatal error if nothing have been parsed
- Small cosmetic changes
- Autocompletion on search box

13.05.2011 | 3.121 | Auteur : Domisse
As usual, stable release brings a peak on bug reports. Mostly are due to unexpected behavior. Sadly, I still don't have any feedbacks on CUPS/FTP/Mail or counter reports. I will focuse first on adding some improvements like city cache file, spliting domain reports ...

Some fixes included in the first dev package :
- Installer updated with Apache 2.2.18
- TraficAll now display all items rather than a filesize threshold
- Logo path was wrong on Windows
- Deleting config file with several . was wrong
- Parsing with increasing rotation number on Windows
- Monthly rotation fix

Suggestions :
- Pre-processing command

PDF Tools :
http://code.google.com/p/wkhtmltopdf/ (C++)
http://www.xhtml2pdf.com/ (python)
http://html2pdf.fr/ (php)

Next big task :
- Load balancing
- Muli-proc
- Web service
- Ext-js / D3 (Protovis)
- Android
- MacOS port