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Support for load-balancing servers added.

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16.01.2012 | 3.14 | Auteur : Domisse
New stable release 3.14 is available. Two big tasks have been added in 3.14 : load-balancing support and MacOX installer, so the next one would be to use a graphic javascript framework and remove the Fly dependancy.

What's new in 3.14 :
- Load balancing support (at last !) ... but still experimental
- MacOS X installer
- Added list of hosts for daily traffic
- Ipv6/Ipv4 filter
- Bugfixes (hour script with monthly logfiles, city cache, leap year, admin ...)

What's next
- Adding filtering option in table
- Subnet report
- Configure every website found within IIS installer

04.01.2012 | 3.135 | Auteur : Domisse
A new year brings some new developements and some new ideas ... I will switch to a new javascript framework called jqplot to replace the old-way graphics. It will also remove the last dependancy on an external tool. I hope to complete the task before the end of 2012 !
Some scripts may crash because there are still very old code inside the package ... so I have removed the old way to check leap year.

Few improvements :
- cron-hour -b crash with monthly splitted logfiles : fixed
- Fixed a date issue with cron-day
- Improved 206 partial download management
- Security checks on web wizard script
- Daily previous link was wrong in daily refer report
- Status code icon was wrong
- Added list of hosts for daily traffic

22.12.2011 | Load-balancing | Auteur : Domisse
Finally, support for load-balancing servers have been added. I've decided to use the awstat's tool logresolvemerge.pl which allow to read several logfiles and sort them. Big thanks to Laurent Destailleur.

Few things to improve :
- cron-pages.pl => reading only $struct_compressed_logfiles logfilename
- switch between merging all logfiles (cron-pages) or just reading selected logfiles in both directories.
- Test with incremental
- Test with several options and missing logfiles.

Todo :
- Remove curvycorners and use rather CSS3
- -r/-s/-t/-p flags useless in install.pl
- Add support for 'private' TLD
- Compress incremental data ?
- Search on server side rather than javascript to speed up.
Improve accessibility

20.12.2011 | Accessibility | Auteur : Domisse
I've found a tool to check your website accessibility :
It gives good details on how to improve your pages. I've been able to increase the default 50% score to 72% easily on the homepage.

08.12.2011 | 3.133 | Auteur : Domisse
At last a MacOS package is available for testing. All you need is to click on the pkg file to install the package. Few things need to be improved :
- testing the upgrade script
- create a smaller dmg disk file.

Few minor improvements have been added as
- Empty value for string referer
- Strange host '.' which produce an empty country code
- Year display in toolbar was empty in incremental mode (bug from 3.132)

Trying to add reverse dns for ipv6 adresses but this is not as easy as I was thinking of. Implementation in perl have only been added in April 2011 within Perl 5.14 ! Some perl modules exists but they require to install an extra module :(


17.11.2011 | MacOS | Auteur : Domisse
At last, I've been able to play with my Mac. It looks like an Unix computer, it feels like an Unix computer .. but this is not an Unix computer ! Many basic tools are not available. My first task was to build a MacOS package for Fly ... I use first fink to build the libgd2 library but sadly it use 32bits code rather than x64 ! So I decided to build myself every package needed (libfreetype, libjpeg, libpng) and finally libgd2 was there ! Then fly was able to compile and build a binary ! Next step is a get a macos package using PackageManager.

10.11.2011 | 3.132 | Auteur : Domisse
Still searching for the perfect javascript framework in order to replace the old Fly package. There are many available now, most of them based on jquery. Choosing the right one is not an easy task !
  • http://www.spiced2.com/10-jquery-graphs-charts-plugins/
  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/css/top-jquery-chart-libraries-interactive-charts/
  • http://webdesignledger.com/resources/13-useful-javascript-solutions-for-charts-and-graphs
  • http://sixrevisions.com/javascript/20-fresh-javascript-data-visualization-libraries/
  • http://www.splashnology.com/article/15-awesome-free-javascript-charts/325/
  • http://interactiveblend.com/blog/interactive/5-interactive-javascript-charts-for-your-website/
  • http://garmahis.com/tools/javascript-libraries-create-stylish-online-charts/
  • http://www.designyourway.net/blog/resources/30-high-quality-charts-and-graphs-for-webdevelopers-to-download/
1- http://www.jqplot.com/ 2 - http://www.highcharts.com/ (paid) 3 - http://code.google.com/p/flot/
Latest changes :
- Date selection show default values in the toolbar
- Admin menu improved
- Cleaning HTML codes using the W3C validator
- Other stats reports can be seen from the menu
- tildealias was set in the stable release. Should be set to an empty value
- Tested on a provider host using FTP installation => few minor improvements

3.131 - ipv6
19.10.2011 | 3.131 - ipv6 | Auteur : Domisse
Support for ipv6 addresses have been added. You can even filtering your logfiles to skip ipv4 or ipv6 hosts...so you could determine how much trafic is being used for each protocol.

Few bugs received from the stable release.
- Trailing slash added in cgi directory using admin when no cgi is available : fixed
- When a logfile is cut and several days are over, empty reports
- Ipv6 address problem : fixed
- Out of memory